Our charity, through the projects in which it has been involved over several years, has had the chance to collaborate with a whole range of high achieving women, who stand as excellent role models to the young women we meet in schools and elsewhere. We ask them to give us one piece of advice, based on their own personal experience, something that can inspire our girls to push on and succeed in life! Here are some of the many we’ve treasured from the beginning, and our thanks to them all:


“I now believe confidence comes from doing. Nobody is born confident, it is something that comes from hard work and practice.”
Sahar Hashemi
“For me, it was all about proving everyone else wrong. You shouldn’t do this, you can’t do that – I ignored it all.”
Kavita Oberoi
“Empathise with the bullies and understand why they may be acting the way they are. It could be to do with jealousy or perhaps I needed to change the way I was acting. Either way I was in the position of power and not the bullies.”
Emma Vites


“There is nothing more exciting than the buzz you get from understanding how things work and why.”
Professor Karen Vousden
“The attitude to women pursuing careers in scientific research has changed for the better in the last twenty years and there are now many more opportunities”
Professor Kay Davies
“I recommend a gap year for everyone heading to university – you end up a lot more mature and self-assured.”
Dame Athene Donald


“Some people said I was too young to go for it, but I felt that if others can do it, so can I.”
Linda Papadopoulos
“As I was one of a few, and not one of many, by working hard it was possible to become top of my game!”
Dr Nirdosh


“There will always be tough days, every day can’t always be great, but you must keep going and learn from your disappointments and good things will eventually come your way.”
Susie Wolff
Racing Driver
“Throughout my career I’ve always had a positive outlook and so, in my mind, I’ve never really faced rejection, just hurdles to overcome!”
Jane Goodall
“Could I combine my career with my hobby and find a way to further explore my world? Yes, I have found a way to do that.”
Jill Heinerth
Underwater explorer


“Getting the rejection was a real shock for I had wanted so much to get the part but, weirdly, instead of being totally disheartened it made me doubly determined to get a job in TV and become an actress.”
Anji Mohindra
“Then, one day, with the help of a friend, I realised that we all have the choice how to view ourselves, and I was choosing to be negative.”
Francessca Martinez
“The first event had been organised and run from my bedroom and working alone from home I felt isolated. For me, it’s important to share experiences and get different perspectives, so I made sure I changed this aspect of my work.”
Kanya King
Founder of MOBO Awards


“When things go wrong, I try and see the funny side and always, always learn from what went wrong. I know how lucky I am too, and I think it is important to have a good idea of where you come from and what kind of person you want to be.”
Myleene Klass
Music, TV, Fashion
“I ended up singing in a choir, taking part in drama and shows, and making a lot of new friends. I think that helped me become a more confident individual, less sensitive and less worried about my appearance.”
Natasha Marsh
“There is no formula for life, but what you need to understand is that only you can help you achieve whatever you want in life. And as isolating as that might be, it is true and the most truthful way to live.”
Vanessa Mae
Classical Violinist


“I believe that you have to follow what you want to do and what makes you happy. There will be decisions that will be hard, but in the end, it is so very rewarding to know that you are your own boss.”
Kirsty Doyle
Fashion Designer
“If you know your stuff and show people that you are passionate about it, the chances are you will get a job.”
Emma Bridgewater
Pottery designer/producer
“Being alone forced me to make my own entertainment. I chose not to just watch TV but to be creative instead and learn things.”
Rachel Khoo


“I was immersed in legal and political struggles on behalf of the thousands of prisoners around the world whose rights had been obliterated.”
Baroness de Souza
Crossbench Peer
“I see each qualification I pass as a stepping stone along the path of my career and within a year I’ve gone from apprenticeship wages to £25k plus.”
Shebiga Hakin
Pensions Administrator
“Good luck in all that you pursue, but pursue you must.”
Margaret Thatcher
Former Prime Minister

“Working in the US is wonderful for confidence – the ‘anyone can do anything’ attitude is infectious.”
Sue Owen
Permanent Secretary at the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and Government Equalities Office (GEO)
“At the interview, eight years ago, I was very relaxed because I thought there was no way I would get the job. I just felt privileged to see the place. To my astonishment I got offered the post.”
Tessa Blundy
Deputy Head of Architecture and Heritage
“I just wanted to be constantly challenged, and doing work that would stretch me, and that mattered to people.”
Catherine Lee
Director General, Law and Access to Justice Group, Ministry of Justice


“Some might have seen me as a bit of a swot, but I didn’t care. I saw my education as a way out to see more of the world.”
Anne Alexander
House of Commons Journalist and Political Producer for Good Morning Britain
“Crucially, this job gave me confidence. It allowed me to develop new skills and before too long I was doing interviews.”
Anne Lingley
Westminster TV News Bureau Secretary and Fixer
“Teenage years are incredibly difficult and frustrating and living through all of those experiences gave me a greater understanding of people which is probably the key to my success.”
Sally Norris


“Looking back, I think my top role model was my mum. She had to sacrifice some of her dreams to bring us up and put bread on the table. I never forgot that.”
Monica Galetti
“Also, don’t be concerned about not knowing the exact career you wish to follow. Many people end up in jobs by coincidence.”
Gillian Macdonald
Whiskey Distiller
“Then one day a friend told me about a job that had become vacant at the House of Commons, working in the catering and refreshments department. I couldn’t believe it, a job like that in Parliament!”
Clare Shaddock-Perez
Commons Bar Staff