The C.A.R. programme was delivered during academic year 2018/19 to 108 girls in five Birmingham schools.  Following three separate sessions delivered at each school, girls were invited to a final event hosted by a single school.  This reunited participants, who travelled with their teachers to a meeting hosted by one of the schools.  This was opened by the West Midlands mayor and the founder of the programme, Esther McVey. She and several other speakers worked throughout the morning, joining delegates as they took part in activities designed to embed C.A.R. principles and leave them with materials, self knowledge and personal plans which will form the basis of ongoing career planning.


Esther McVey
Charity Founder
Francine White
International Freelance Journalist
Cameron McPake
Ass. VP, Barclays Internal Audit
Lucinda Ellery
International Businesswoman
Andy Street
Birmingham Mayor,