Benefits of C.A.R. Programme

The benefits of the programme

     The C.A.R. programme is a preparation for the school’s own Gatsby driven careers initiatives. It is designed to help delegates who have clear aptitudes, but who are not currently achieving their potential due to barriers arising from low Confidence, Assertiveness and Resilience.
     It consists of 3 x 2 hour in school workshops, plus a Saturday morning event with refreshments, held at a convenient location for several participating schools.
     We start with a concept which students will recognise: Confidence (being secure in yourself and your abilities). We then consider a second skill, Assertiveness (being self-assured, without being aggressive).

     Finally, we help participants focus on Resilience:
     -the skills of learning from failure or setbacks and finding new ways to solve problems;
     -the need to feel good about yourself in order to be resilient;
     -the ability to bound back up when facing a setback;

     We encourage delegates to add their own definitions and then discuss how Resilience is underpinned by the twin skills of Confidence and Assertiveness. We embed these ideas through lively and compelling exercises, allowing students to practise these in a supportive and enjoyable environment.
     Participants are then encouraged to analyse what went on during the tasks and recognise confident and assertive behaviours.
     We illustrate how confident people behave calmly because they have no doubts about their ability or knowledge. Assertive people stand up for their own and others’ rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, or passive towards others’ behaviours.
     At the Saturday event, delegates will be able to practise their enhanced skills when they meet C.A.R.
programme participants from other schools and benefit from contact with guest speakers who will talk about career decisions and opportunities. This will enable students to fully engage later in their own school’s Gatsby programme now with the benefits of improved C.A.R. skills, increased information and having started to plan their own career development.