ICC Flyer Front Page LeadThe ‘You Can’ programmes and ‘If Chloe Can’ charity (Registration Number 1151505) is all about reaching out to young people to give them careers advice, provide role models as well as practical advice on how to pursue a career with the opportunity of work experience in their ideal jobs in the summer holidays. The programme begins with a theatre production including accompanying career books, then is followed up with workshops and a year-long school programme, finally ending with work experience places. The programme is deliberately designed to be flexible and adaptable, for instance there are several plays, covering different age groups, audience types, mixed gender plays as well as an all-female and all-boys cast. We cater for all requests. This is true of the workshops, the school seminars, and the panel of ‘role model’ guests we work with in the play, the career books and the work experience places. At the heart of this charity and its programmes is career advice, social mobility and diversity. Supporting pupils to research career options and get onto a career path whether that’s business, law, journalism, IT, design, media, construction, medicine or engineering, the charity successfully opens pupil’s eyes and minds to the career opportunities out there.

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