Inspirational Women

Kanya King – Businesswoman

“Trust your instincts and work like crazy.  I worked 24/7, but was happy to do so because I was passionate about what I was trying to achieve. You have to make sacrifices if you want to be successful.”

Beth Tweddle – Olympic Gymnast

“It may seem that I’m always working, but looking back, I don’t think I have missed out at all on anything because of my career. Occasionally there were times when I felt left out because friends had gone to parties that I had missed because I was busy training or was away at competitions, but what I have gained from my career has been worth it and I know I am lucky to have experienced so many things that others never will.”

Dame Ellen McArthur – Round the World Yachtswoman

“I am someone who is very focused and determined and when I set my mind on something, I will see it out till the end. To win a race or beat a world record, you have to be like that. There is never, ever a question of giving up, and that overriding feeling at the end when you finish makes it all worth it.”

Christina Lamb – Journalist, Foreign and War Correspondent and Author

“Life is so busy that I find it best to make lists and prioritise. I have a traffic light system for tasks – red for urgent, green for those things I would like to get around to and everything else goes into amber. I aim to do one thing I don’t want to do first, which seems to make the rest of the day easier! It’s good if I can give myself a deadline too, one to stick and not to ignore!”

Myleene Klass –  Pop Star and Classical Pianist

“I have learned that it is important to always keep learning – knowledge is power – and to this end I have always read a lot. I love travelling too, so I can learn about and appreciate the world we live in.”

Monica Galetti – Chef

“Looking back, I think my top role model was my Mum. She had to sacrifice some of her dreams to bring us up and put bread on the table. I never forgot that.

My advice is enjoy your teens. Life is not set or planned out at 14 or even 16. I found my career when I first walked into that kitchen at 18 or 19. For some people it might take longer, but don’t panic.

Be responsible and stay safe when you’re going out. Don’t always follow peer pressure. Be true to yourself and do something you love. The rest will follow.”


Shelley Woods – Paralympic Athlete

“I had a dream, winning an Olympic medal, which I think is vital. Not everybody follows their dream, but don’t give up, even if it’s hard work. Hard work, commitment some talent and support can get you where you want to go, and that goes for anything, not just sport.”

“Whenever anybody told me to be realistic about my goals, it just made me more determined to succeed. Didn’t do bad did I?”

Melanie C
“For me, deadlines and keeping to them are vital. It turns a dream into
a reality. It makes you focus on what needs to be done and it shows to others you’re serious about this project.”
Vicky Jewson
Film Director

“Have fun and try to learn something from everyone and every situation – both good and bad.“

Louise Greenhalgh
Bomb Disposal Officer